The Dangers Of Lip Injections

1. Complications. Like any other surgical procedure, the potential of complications like bleeding exists. Your threat doubles if in case you have a history of diabetes, issues with blood clots and other coronary heart or lung illness. Just remember to focus on your health historical past together with your doctor before undergoing the process. 2. Allergic reactions. The collagen used for lip injections can either come from cows, a human cadaver or a artificial gel. These materials are processed in essentially the most sterile of conditions. However, allergic reactions can still occur, so a sensitivity test is usually carried out before this procedure is carried out. Itching, redness or scarring as a result of those allergic reactions can occur. Thus, it is essential to tell your doctor any allergies you could have before the start of any process so he is forewarned. 3. Unnatural shape. In some circumstances, there are instances when the top result would make an individual look like a blowfish.

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